Testosterone Deficiency     The Hidden Disease      
by E. Barry Gordon, M.D.

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                  Dementia Study 1
                      Wayne State University   Department of Psychology   2005
                          Evidence suggests that testosterone loss promotes cognitive decline and dementia.
                          Testosterone replacement may benefit brain function.

                  Dementia Study 2
                      National Institute on Aging   2007
                          Testosterone loss contributes to cognitive decline and possibly dementia.

                  Dementia Study 3
                      European Journal of Endocrinology   2006
                          Low levels of testosterone contribute to cognitive decline, and replacement improves congnitive ability.

                  Dementia Study 4   (Posted   4/29/07)
                      School of Psychology, University of Adelaide   2007
                          Decreasing testosterone levels may contribute to generalized age-related cognitive decline.

                  Dementia Study 5   (Posted   12/4/07)
                      Clinical Endocrinology   2007
                          Higher levels of bioavailable testosterone were associated with a decreased risk of dementia.

                  Dementia Study 6   (Posted   12/4/07)
                      Journal of Alzheimer's disease   2007
                          Testosterone or testosterone-like hormones may prevent or help Alzheimer's disease.

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