Testosterone Deficiency     The Hidden Disease      
by E. Barry Gordon, M.D.

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Female Testosterone Deficiency

                  Female Study 1
                      The Jean Hailes Foundation
                          There is increasing evidence that testosterone replacement improves the quality of life for postmenopausal women.

                  Female Study 2
                      Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science   2002
                          Testosterone therapy in postmenopausal women improves cognitive function, sexuality, strength, and their sense of well-being.   The decline in testosterone becomes apparent a decade before menopause.

                  Female Study 3
                      Massachusetts General Hospital & Harvard Medical School   2006
                          Testosterone has a positive effect on bone density, body composition, and neurobehavior in women.

                  Female Study 4
                      The Jean Hailes Foundation   2006
                          Tesosterone deficiency in women results in a decreased sense of well-being, chronic fatigue, and a loss of sexuality.   Testosterone levels in women can begin to fall in the twenties with symptoms beginning in the thirties.

                  Female Study 5   (Posted   4/11/07)
                      Palacios Institute of Women's Health, Madrid, Spain   2007
                          The effectiveness of testosterone replacement in women is clear and positive while side effects are similar to placebo.

                  Female Study 6   (Posted   4/11/07)
                      Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine   2007
                          In females treatment with testosterone is effective and has a favorable safety profile.

                  Female Study 7   (Posted   4/29/07)
                      Weinberg Center for Women's Health & Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland   2007
                          Depression and feelings of poor health are associated with low testosterone levels.

                  Female Study 8   (Posted   8/8/07)
                      David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA   2007
                          "Except for hirsutism and acne, the therapeutic administration of testosterone is safe for up to several years."

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